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Plasma compression experiments at General Fusion

Presentation Abstract

Speaker: Dr. Michel Laberge (General Fusion): General Fusion is developing Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF), using pneumatically driven liquid metal to compress a plasma. Prior to construction of a full scale pneumatic system, General Fusion is investigating the physics of compressing compact toroid plasmas using solid aluminum liners accelerated inward by a chemical driver to compress the plasma. Fourteen such tests have so far been conducted, and results from these experiments will be presented. The MHD code VAC (Versatile Advection Code) has been modified to work with moving boundary conditions in order to model these implosions, and simulation runs of these models will also be presented.

M. Laberge. Plasma compression experiments at General FusionExploratory Plasma and Fusion Research Workshop, Vancouver, Canada. August 3, 2017