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Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics hosts General Fusion for a Bilateral Workshop on Fusion Energy

BURNABY, British Columbia—(November 6, 2013)— Top officials of General Fusion, the company developing fusion energy technology, travelled to China recently for a workshop on magnetized target fusion technology with leading Chinese fusion energy researchers.

The Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP) invited General Fusion to attend a two day bilateral fusion energy workshop in Mianyang, China. CAEP is home to several Chinese research projects on fusion energy; including magnetized target fusion, General Fusion’s technology. The workshop also featured participants from Peking University, China’s Institute for Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, and the Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Doug Richardson, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer, led the General Fusion team to the workshop. “China is strongly committed to developing fusion energy, making major investments in their people, their knowledge base, and a number of fusion technologies. China’s efforts in magnetized target fusion (MTF) reinforce our view that MTF is a promising approach to harnessing fusion power, and a path to abundant, safe, and clean energy.”

Dr. Sun Qizhi is the principal investigator on MTF at CAEP’s Institute of Fluid Physics, which hosted the bilateral workshop. “Focusing on technology that will make commercially viable fusion power plants, the scientists from General Fusion have proposed a creative acoustic compression scheme using compressed gas-driven pistons, and they have made a great deal of progress on this valuable concept in the last decade. Their achievements are very helpful to the MTF program.”

General Fusion and the CAEP see an opportunity to build on the success of the workshop by developing deeper relationships between General Fusion and China’s fusion energy research community.

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