General Fusion Bowen Island Garage

From the Archives: General Fusion’s early laboratory

Michel Laberge founded General Fusion in 2002, and by 2003 he had raised some funds to begin building his first magnetized target fusion experiment in lab space at the University of British Columbia.

In 2005, seeking a shorter commute, and always looking to focus his investor dollars where they count (in the technology), he found an inexpensive spot: an old car garage on Bowen Island, not far from Vancouver and just up the hill from the ferry dock.  We thought we’d share a few photos from those early days…  very different than the busy lab at General Fusion today!

General Fusion Bowen Island Lab


General Fusion Bowen Island Lab

By 2006, these experiments were bearing fruit, and he was able to demonstrate some fusion reactions in his experiment, half of which today is on display at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa (the other half is in the General Fusion lobby).