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​How General Fusion is Using Private Markets to Make a Play for the Public Good

The future of energy presents a difficult problem. The issue of global warming is a very pressing and real concern for humanity as a whole, and the need to shift away from fuel sources that emit carbon pollution is essential. The current zeitgeist tends to focus on wind and solar as renewable, zero-carbon sources of energy, but that excitement tends to overlook a core issue: intermittency.

Fusion has the potential to be precisely the sort of base-load power source that we need, one with a virtually unlimited fuel supply, emits zero pollution, and produces no carbon dioxide. Long considered more science fiction than fact, the reality is that fusion technology has advanced at a rapid rate for decades, and is getting closer and closer to becoming viable.

And it’s viable fusion power that drives Michel Laberge, the founder of General Fusion. Laberge’s primary goal is to achieve viable fusion power as soon as possible, giving the world the clean, sustainable base-load power source that it so desperately needs.

“In short, the reason I’m doing fusion is that I want to save the world,” says Laberge.

How General Fusion is Using Private markets to Make a Play for the Public Good (Equities.com)