Fusion 2030 – Roadmap for Canada

The aim of Fusion 2030 is to position Canada to support the development of fusion energy as a commercially viable power source: creating high tech jobs, reducing carbon emissions and air pollution, and contributing to long-term energy sustainability and security.

The Fusion 2030 roadmap calls for a revitalized Canadian National Fusion Program, in concert with provincial initiatives, to develop Canada’s capacity in fusion energy and position it to benefit from this vast, untapped energy source.

Through Fusion 2030, Canada will help accelerate the process of developing fusion energy with Canadian knowledge and expertise, contributing to long-term energy sustainability and security, while also protecting the environment, minimizing the emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants, and mitigating the effects of global climate change.

A well-defined national fusion program would be a catalyst for rapid innovation, job creation in the high tech and manufacturing sectors, and long-term strategic leadership in producing clean, reliable and sustainable energy.

Fusion 2030 is a collaborative initiative of the University of Alberta, University of Saskatchewan, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, General Fusion (Burnaby, B.C.), and other private sector companies, academic institutions and government laboratories. The Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation at the University of Saskatchewan and the Alberta-Canada Fusion Technology Alliance are also active partners in the initiative.