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Magnetized Target Fusion

This Is Our Moment

Fusion now for a better world tomorrow.

General Fusion has focused on a technology set that puts it on track to deliver fusion energy at a price competitive with fossil fuels. Our collaborative design approach recognizes the need to create infrastructure that transforms how society interacts with energy systems.

Decarbonizing the power grid with existing technologies presents serious technical and economic challenges. Meeting net-zero targets by 2050 to mitigate climate change requires more electrification and the replacement of fossil fuels.

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Equipment used to prove early MTF concepts.

Environmental goals are economic imperatives.

Magnetized Target Fusion technology will deliver the full benefits of fusion energy as countries strive to meet net-zero carbon goals. Fusion energy offers winning economics, especially when carbon pricing and intermittency are considered.

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Energy Independence

Shifting energy portfolios can jeopardize the independence and self-sufficiency of a regional energy system — and along with it, the resilience of its power grid.

Resource Efficiency

Large land requirements put pressure on less concentrated forms of energy production. General Fusion’s compact and integrated design is ideal for proximity to where it will be used.


It’s expensive to decarbonize energy-intensive processes like manufacturing and transportation. Fusion can reduce the transmission costs for accommodating wind and solar. It also adds options when battery electrification is not suitable.  


grid reliability

Grid Reliability

Power supplies must ensure electricity demand is always met by firming up the weather-driven intermittency of some energy sources. Fusion offers a flexible, reliable, and dispatchable addition to a carbon-free energy mix.

Our vision is a world with clean energy, everywhere, forever.

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