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Benefits of Fusion

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A Worldwide Initiative

Investing in Fusion Energy to Address Climate Change.

With zero emissions and on-demand availability – fusion energy has the potential to replace aging infrastructure and electrify new sectors. Momentum is building globally for fusion energy – with continued support from global governments and new investment. We can deliver a net-zero future by 2050. And achieving a low-carbon energy future is the best-case scenario for limiting the devastating effects of global climate change.

The United Nations reports more than 190 countries have submitted national emissions reduction goals.

Fusion Energy Benefits

The Benefits of Fusion Go Beyond Power.

Fusion is now.

Fusion power plants are expected to be placed anywhere, powered only by hydrogen from water and emitting no carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. Their features have the potential to secure global access to energy with no geographical constraints, minimal land requirements, and the ability to be placed near consumers. General Fusion’s technology attracts interest because it meets society’s demands for clean, secure and abundant sources of energy that are scalable and safety advantaged.


Zero carbon emissions. Fuel sourcing has negligible environmental impact.

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Energy Security

Fuel can be sourced wherever there is water.

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No fuel constraints or supply chain challenges. Stable, uninterrupted baseload power.

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Limited expected regulatory burden or export controls. Minimal land use or separation from social infrastructure.

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Safety Advantaged

Meltdown not possible. No long-term waste.

Generating More Energy

Fusion’s Powerful Effect.

Fusion energy has a lower carbon footprint than other energy sources because it is energy-dense. A carbon-free future requires dense fuels that store more energy in the same or less space like fusion energy.




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kgs natural gas


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Making advances in fusion science

Seventy years of fusion development have paved the way for near-term commercialization. When commercialized, fusion energy is expected to work with intermittent renewable energy generation to support society’s need to power cities and industries in a net-zero carbon world.

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A sustainable and economical path to net-zero carbon emissions is in our grasp.

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