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Practical Fusion Power Technology

Fusion energy technology so real you can touch it.

This isn’t science fiction.

Magnetized Target Fusion offers a practical path to delivering fusion energy technology.

Using modern electronics, materials, and advances in plasma physics, General Fusion intends to commercialize fusion technology to power the world.

We’re building out an end-to-end supply chain to distribute generated fusion energy across the globe. By working with customers and international partnerships to inform power plant-scale technology, we’re making clean energy a reality.

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Inside reactor
Internal view of reactor
What is Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF)?
General Fusion chose to pursue MTF because it is practical and cost-effective. This approach uses refinements of existing technology, such as steam-powered drivers, to compress plasma to fusion conditions. Meaning, a shorter timeline from demonstration project to full commercial plants to power homes, businesses, and industry with clean fusion energy.

How It Works

We’re developing fusion power using existing technologies.

Right now, we’re bringing our technologies together into the fusion demonstration, a power-plant-relevant system to test and refine our Magnetized Target Fusion system.

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Futuristic building in field


Producing tangible progress towards fusion-produced electricity.

General Fusion is on track to commercialize its technology later this decade, leading to the deployment of fusion energy power plants. The company plans to enter global energy markets in the 2030s at a price competitive with fossil fuels.

Building and testing our fusion power technology with the fusion demonstration is the culmination of several development milestones.

See how far we’ve come — and discover where we’re going next.

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Fusion Island

Fusion Demonstration Program

Scaling our Fusion Technology to Prepare for Power Production.

Creating fusion conditions isn’t how we define success. Creating fusion conditions with a plan to distribute fusion energy plants around the globe — that’s our goal. We aim to add options to meet carbon neutrality targets and transform energy markets.

That’s why we’re building a fusion demonstration for power-plant-relevant fusion testing.

Explore the Fusion Demonstration


Fusion Energy Technologies

Using proven fusion power technologies.

The fusion demonstration syncs up the discrete fusion power technologies we’ve already tested and refined to serve as the foundation for our comprehensive commercialization strategy.

See Our Core Technologies

Durable Fusion Machine

A liquid metal wall protects the machine from extreme fusion conditions and helps to preserve shielding for the power plant’s lifetime.

Reactor close up

Sufficient Fuel Production

Fusion multiplies fuel directly within the lead-lithium liquid metal compressor technology.

Efficient Energy Conversion

The machine captures most fusion energy for use in power generation and uses a proven liquid metal-to-steam heat exchanger. 

Economical Fusion Conditions

General Fusion’s design avoids the need for expensive high power lasers or large superconducting magnets.

We’re creating tomorrow’s global fusion energy system right now.

Navigating the best path to reaching net-zero carbon emissions for 2050 and beyond.

Fusion energy has the potential to transform how we can use renewables, providing reliable power, and stabilizing the grid.

We believe the future of energy is better with fusion. Join us in transforming how we energize the world — and make the world better in the process.

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Get the latest in fusion energy news.

Discover how fusion power technology is transforming the world today.

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Meet the team: Jean-Sebastien!

He competes in dragon boat races, weightlifts, skis and is one of General Fusion’s Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) scientists – meet Jean-Sebastien Dick or JS! JS (pictured above on the right) received the “Le génie en images” award from Polytechnique

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Insights, Most Recent
Fusion energy demonstration receives consent at UKAEA’s Culham Campus

VANCOUVER, Canada and LONDON, United Kingdom (12 January 2023): Following the resolution to grant planning permission by the South Oxfordshire District Council Planning Committee, construction of General Fusion’s demonstration at the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority’s (UKAEA) Culham Campus is

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Most Recent, Press Releases
General Fusion exceeds core technology performance targets with plasma and compression prototypes

VANCOUVER, Canada (December 12): General Fusion has demonstrated plasma energy confinement times, plasma temperatures, and compression system performance that support meeting its goal of 10 keV (100 million degrees Celsius) in the company’s integrated Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) demonstration, being

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News, Press Releases
Magnetized Target Fusion Using Mechanically Driven Liquid Metal Liner

This poster was presented at the 64th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics (2022) and provides an overview of General Fusion’s Magnetized Target Fusion technology. Download Poster as PDF A. Mossman, M. Laberge, M. Reynolds, S. Howard,

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Research Library
CNL and General Fusion sign MOU to advance commercial fusion energy

Chalk River, ON – November 10, 2022 – Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology organization, and General Fusion, an international leader in the development of commercial fusion energy, are pleased to announce that they have signed

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Most Recent, News, Press Releases
Fusion: Part of the future’s clean energy mix  

BY GREG TWINNEY, CEO, GENERAL FUSION Did you read the International Energy Agency’s The Breakthrough Agenda Report 2022 ahead of the COP27 summit this week in Egypt? According to the new report, carbon emissions in the global power sector need

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A sustainable and economical path to net-zero carbon emissions is within our grasp.

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