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Magnetized Target Fusion

Benefits of Magnetized Target Fusion Technology (MTF)
General Fusion’s MTF technology solves engineering challenges facing commercial fusion practically and cost-effectively. Watch Dr. Michel Laberge, Founder and Chief Science Officer, talk about the benefits of this approach to fusion.

How It Works

We’re developing fusion power using existing technologies.

Right now, we’re bringing our technologies together into the fusion demonstration, a power-plant-relevant system to test and refine our MTF system.

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Equipment used to prove early MTF concepts.

This isn’t science fiction.

MTF offers a practical path to delivering fusion energy technology.

Using modern electronics, materials, and advances in plasma physics, General Fusion intends to commercialize fusion technology to power the world.

By working with customers and international partnerships to inform power plant-scale technology, we’re making clean energy a reality.

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What is MTF?
Dr. Michel Laberge, Founder and Chief Science Officer, chose to pursue MTF because it is practical and cost-effective. This approach uses refinements of existing technology, such as steam-powered drivers, to compress plasma to fusion conditions. Meaning, a shorter timeline from demonstration project to full commercial plants to power homes, businesses, and industry with clean fusion energy.

Our vision is a world with clean energy, everywhere, forever.

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