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Ready for Market Leaders Who See Global Trends.

The fusion market is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2030.

General Fusion’s Market Development Advisory Committee guides the company’s efforts to design a practical and compelling fusion power plant.

Our pragmatic approach to fusion energy captivates investors seeking a low-risk investment in a clean energy portfolio. The economic viability of fusion compares to other energy sources, many of which have seen technology costs come down. We are deeply engaged with leaders in the complex, multi-layered networks of the electricity sector to ensure our product meets their real-world needs.

Global Network

Fusion Energy Commercialization Demands Global Focus.

Bringing fusion power plants to market will create new industrial sectors.

Commercialization of fusion energy requires suppliers of specialized products and services that are familiar with energy users’ needs.

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Advisory Committee

Commercializing fusion energy starts at the power plant level. We’re working with potential customers and end-users to build partnerships now.

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We’re teamed up with top-tier national government laboratories and engaged with host governments to advance fusion science.

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With a range of individual and institutional investors, we’ve made the future tangible — and developed an economical, clean energy solution to global climate challenges.

Transforming How We Energize The World.

Utilities and energy-intensive industries are on the hunt for technology advancements to improve future energy options. After decades of incremental progress, fusion scientists, engineers, and business leaders are accelerating the delivery of fusion energy options.

National Lab & Government Network

Connecting with Government to Advance Fusion Energy.

We’re advancing fusion science with the world’s leading scientists.

Our relationships with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Culham Campus, and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories continue to illuminate new fusion innovations.

Our cooperation with regulators in Canada, the US, and the UK, as well as our cooperative work with national laboratories delivers increased funding, talent, and facilities available to General Fusion. As we strive together to reach a future energized by fusion, international collaboration inspires better options.

Derisking the Regulatory Environment

We are working with regulators around the world to assist with the development of risk-appropriate regulation for commercial fusion power plants. Understanding the regulatory requirements will help future customers integrate fusion into their energy portfolios.

Market Development Advisory Committee

Meet the Future of Fusion Energy.

Readying the market for fusion energy.

Our groundbreaking fusion demonstration is a leap forward for fusion energy, but it isn’t the finish line. That’s why we’re teaming up with utilities and industrial manufacturers to ready the markets for fusion energy.

Join the Fusion Mission.

Learn how you can be a part of the solution.

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