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Leading the Way to Commercial Fusion

Pursuing a fast, efficient, and collaborative path to practical fusion power.

Fusion Island

We Plan to Deliver Economical Carbon-Free Fusion Energy in the next decade

In 2002, our founder, renowned Canadian physicist Dr. Michel Laberge, set out to develop a commercially viable approach to fusion energy. From the beginning, we’ve focused on creating a practical energy solution to meet the urgent need for carbon-free electricity.

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Global Demand Equals Global Reach

We’re reaching across the globe to cultivate customers for fusion-powered clean energy systems.

Our headquarters is in Vancouver, Canada. We’ve co-located additional offices and labs with internationally-recognized fusion research laboratories near London, UK, and in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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A world that has clean, limitless energy.

Fusion energy promises to fundamentally transform the energy landscape as we know it.

Dispatchable, with no emissions, it will play a significant role in the clean energy future.

We’re more than aspirational. Right now, we’re building the fusion demonstration facility to showcase our core technologies, carefully calibrating them for complete commercialization in the market.

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Fusion Demo Plant at sunrise


To deliver fusion energy.

Our mission is supported by a global syndicate of leading institutional investors, venture capital firms, and technology pioneers, together with governments across North America and Europe.

We Can Lead the Decarbonization Transition

Today’s ongoing reliance on fossil fuels further magnifies the net-zero challenge. A member of the prestigious 2022 Global Cleantech 100, General Fusion is recognized internationally as well-positioned to lead the transition to deep decarbonization. Our fusion energy technology helps to move governments and industry from commitments to action in the race to low carbon economies.

Innovation happens at the pace of relevance.

The need to decarbonize our energy system placed increased urgency on our mission.

Recent advances in plasma physics as well as enabling technologies, such as supercomputing and high-speed digital controls, allow us to pursue an aggressive commercialization strategy.

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Climate changes everything.

The year 2050 will not be the finish line in the fight against climate change. By 2050 there will likely be a billion more people on this planet, all of whom will need energy to live and work. Our priority is finding a practical way to deliver this additional energy demand in a carbon-free manner while simultaneously decarbonizing our current energy production.

Invest in the future

Responding to ongoing changes.

As developing countries raise standards of living and the world adapts to hotter climates, we will need more clean energy solutions. Every person on this planet will need greater efficiency and more energy to power everything from air conditioners to water desalination. We believe science and society must work together to develop successful, sustainable solutions.

“It’s not enough to just get the technology right.

From day one, we need an inclusive approach for technology development.”

Alondra Nelson
Co-Host of the White House Summit on Developing a Bold Decadal Vision for Commercial Fusion Energy

Discover the future in fusion.

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