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Bringing Fusion Energy to Market

We are sharing our vision for Clean Energy. Everywhere. Forever.


Market Momentum Meets Global Carbon Goals.

Fusion now. A better world tomorrow. That’s our mission. Join us as we work to commercialize fusion energy and transform the global energy system.

Today’s economic, social, and political trends increase the demand for fusion energy. That is why we are setting and progressing towards near-term deadlines.

Using proprietary fusion technology that is uniquely practical, we are on our way towards commercially-viable fusion energy systems.

Join us as we seek to improve the world’s energy options with transformational fusion energy.

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Benefits of Magnetized Target Fusion Technology
General Fusion’s technology solves engineering challenges facing commercial fusion practically and cost-effectively. Dr. Michel Laberge, founder and Chief Science Officer, explains how we successfully overcome these challenges using our approach.


Clean energy is a business proposition.

Two forces are shaping the future of energy. Demand for electricity is increasing while targets for carbon emission reductions are becoming more aggressive. We have put talent and technology together to supply affordable access to energy in concert with economic and social realities.

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Business Leadership

With decades of experience as global energy and technology leaders, our executives are primed to manage fast-paced growth.

Technology Leadership

General Fusion’s multidisciplinary team has proven experience designing and building both fusion systems and power plants.

Commercializing Fusion Energy Now.


Increase in electricity demand by 2050.


Decrease in net CO₂ emissions targeted by 2050.


Per year potential fusion market opportunity.

This compelling opportunity resonated with our core ESG and cleantech-focused partners.

Adam Rodman
Founder and CIOSegra Capital
Internal view of reactor

Why Fusion

The mission? A commercially-viable, utility-scale clean energy system.

With renewables and storage, fusion energy can offer a practical path toward net-zero carbon emissions.

Agile and reliable, fusion power is expected to make better use of land and offer energy independence to all countries, regardless of geography.

Fusion is on course to produce the electricity needed to power homes, businesses, and industry in the 2030s.

Discover the Benefits of Fusion

If General Fusion can make this work, it will solve our biggest problem — clean, abundant energy.

Chris Hadfield


Calling all mission-driven innovators.

The climate data is in. Urgent action is needed. Join us to make the change the world needs. At General Fusion, we’re making the future, creating power-plant-relevant scale fusion technology to transform how we energize the world — today.

Ready to take climate action?

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Discover how fusion power technology is transforming the world today.

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Join us in transforming how we energize the world.

Fusion is now. Let’s make clean energy, everywhere and forever, a reality.

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