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Fusion Demonstration Program

A groundbreaking fusion demonstration designed to connect energy and ecology.

The Fusion Demo Program

Explore the Fusion Demonstration Facility.

Where fusion energy happens.

With engineering work underway, the fusion demonstration has been designed to demonstrate our Magnetized Target Fusion technology, creating fusion conditions in a power-plant-relevant environment. Based in the UK with support from investors across the globe, the demonstration facility will become the world’s largest and most capable prototype for a Magnetized Target Fusion power plant – a prototype intended to demonstrate a massive step forward in practical fusion energy.

Fusion Demo Plant Exterior
General Fusion: The Fusion Demonstration Program (1:52)
We are preparing to build a first-of-a-kind fusion demonstration facility to showcase our Magnetized Target Fusion technology. The facility is the result of over a decade of development; it assembles proven components into a scaled version of our commercial machine.

Core Fusion Technologies

See What’s Inside a Magnetized Target Fusion Power Plant.

Creating fusion conditions. Commercializing fusion power. We’re proving the viability of our core Magnetized Target Fusion technologies with attention to sustainable design for industrial infrastructure. We believe greening our global industries should start at the source.

Explore our Core Technologies

Man working

Plasma Injector

24 prototypes and 200,000 plasma experiments helped us build the world’s largest and most powerful operational fusion plasma injector.

inside reactor

Compression System

With our scalable control systems, we’ve achieved the required timing precision with full-scale drivers to produce smooth, rapid, and symmetric compression of a liquid metal cavity.

Plasma Injector illustration

Plasma Stability Model

Our field test program substantiates our understanding of plasma behavior and informs our plants’ requirements, work that is critical to creating fusion conditions at scale.

Commercialization Starts with the fusion demonstration


Scale of the commercial pilot plant.


Pulse per day repetition rate.


Off grid demonstration.


Operations to begin.

Our Impact

Propelling Fusion Forward One Milestone After Another.

With our core technologies in place, our UK facility is the next big test. Rapid progress is underway. The fusion demonstration facility will provide important insights to support our commercialization of fusion energy. By demonstrating our integrated core technologies in a power-plant-relevant fusion machine, the demonstration validates the economics of commercial fusion power and our readiness to deliver.

Learn More About Our Impact

Inside reactor

A cutting edge project

“This new plant by General Fusion is a huge boost for our plans to develop a fusion industry in the UK, and I’m thrilled that Culham will be home to such a cutting-edge and potentially transformative project.”

Amanda Solloway
UK, Science Minister
MTF Cross Section

Global Fusion Infrastructure

Derisking Fusion Energy. Creating Fusion Conditions.

We’re developing a pipeline of early adopters and capturing market leadership for fusion energy. With a practical, durable, and cost-effective machine, we aim to create the conditions and market infrastructure to sustainably convert energy with an economical end-to-end solution.

Learn More About Global Infrastructure

ALA Fusion Canada Exterior Night


Integrating Sustainable Engineering and Society.

Find out how architecture firm AL_A worked with General Fusion’s designers to break new ground with a design that combines art and science. This collaborative effort showcases leading-edge sustainability principles to optimize General Fusion’s technology.

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An Integrative Design

Ready to Tour the Fusion Demo Facility?

We’re breaking ground and want you to be there at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Learn more about the fusion demonstration facility and our fusion energy commercialization plan.


Get the latest in fusion energy news.

Discover how fusion power technology is transforming the world today.

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Energy Star

In an interview with Pivot magazine, CEO Greg Twinney shares his career journey, what drives him, and how General Fusion is going to change the world in an in-depth interview with PIVOT magazine. Read the article here  

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Meet the team: Kathryn Leci

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Why Segra invests in General Fusion?

One of General Fusion’s major investors, Segra Capital Management, believes we have “the most elegant design” to accomplish what is required for a commercial fusion energy system: capability to create and sustain fusion conditions, deployability in terms of energy conversion

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Meet the team: Myles Hildebrand

Myles Hildebrand is a Program Manager at General Fusion and leads the execution of technology collaborations and partnerships with national laboratories and partners. These include projects with the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, and the funding

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Proving What’s Possible.

The FDP presents just some of the exciting milestones on General Fusion’s path to fusion energy for the future of our planet.

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