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Our Technology

Fusion Demonstration Program

A groundbreaking fusion demonstration program designed to commercialize our technology.

The Fusion Demo Program

Charting A Path For Breakeven.

We are accelerating our technological advancements to bring commercial fusion energy to the grid by the 2030s. General Fusion is constructing a cutting-edge Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) fusion machine in Richmond, named Lawson Machine 26 or LM26. This machine is designed to achieve fusion conditions of over 100 million degrees Celsius by 2025, with a breakeven target set for 2026.

The plasma injector has already achieved the temperature and energy confinement times required by the new machine. LM26’s results will validate the company’s ability to compress magnetized plasmas in a repeatable manner and achieve fusion conditions at scale using General Fusion’s uniquely practical approach to fusion without requiring superconducting magnets or high-powered lasers.

This new machine will significantly de-risk the commercialization process, as it is designed to provide technical performance in the near term while shortening the technical path from our next near-commercial machine to a commercial plant.

Benefits of Magnetized Target Fusion Technology
General Fusion is pursuing the fastest, most practical path to bringing fusion energy to market using its Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) technology. Here’s how our approach sidesteps the longstanding barriers to commercialization that others still face.

Core Fusion Technologies

See What’s Inside a Magnetized Target Fusion Power Plant.

Creating fusion conditions. Commercializing fusion power. We’re proving the viability of our core MTF technologies with attention to sustainable design for industrial infrastructure. We believe greening our global industries should start at the source.

Explore our Core Technologies

Man working

Plasma Injector

24 prototypes and over 200,000 plasma experiments helped us build the world’s largest and most powerful operational fusion plasma injector for LM26.

inside reactor

Compression System

With our scalable control systems, we’ve achieved the required timing precision with full-scale drivers to produce smooth, rapid, and symmetric compression of a liquid metal cavity.

Plasma Injector illustration

Fusion Process Stability

Our field test program substantiates our understanding of plasma behavior and and
neutron yield under compression as well as
plasma behaviour in liquid metal systems.

Fusion Demonstration Program is fast-tracking commercialization of fusion power


Scale plasma of commercial fusion machine.


Achieve fusion conditions.


Target scientific breakeven.

Our Impact

Propelling Fusion Forward One Milestone After Another.

LM26 is a MTF demonstration that will seamlessly integrate our operational plasma injector with a simplified compression system. The plasma injector has already achieved the temperature and magnetic confinement times required by the new machine.

The data gathered from LM26 will be incorporated into the design of our planned near commercial machine in the UK. We are collaborating closely with our partners at the UKAEA as we advance LM26.

Learn More About Our Impact

Inside reactor

“Our government is building on our thriving knowledge and innovation-based economy to create good, sustainable jobs for all British Columbians.” B.C.’s $5-million contribution (CAD) to General Fusion’s energy project will support a sustainable and resilient economy and advance fusion research in our province.”

— Brenda Bailey, B.C. Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation

MTF Cross Section

Global Fusion Infrastructure

Derisking Fusion Energy. Creating Fusion Conditions.

We’re developing a pipeline of early adopters and capturing market leadership for fusion energy. With a practical, durable, and cost-effective machine, we aim to create the conditions and market infrastructure to sustainably convert energy with an economical end-to-end solution.

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Discover how fusion power technology is transforming the world today.

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Proving What’s Possible.

The fusion demonstration program presents just some of the exciting milestones on General Fusion’s path to fusion energy for the future of our planet.

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