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Core Technologies

Our core technologies represent 20 years of intellectual property development.

Calibrating for Commercialization.

Our approach offers a practical path to delivering fusion energy technology. Modern electronics, resilient materials, and advances in plasma physics improve the prospects for fusion energy technology.


We are fine-tuning our designs for the commercial plants of tomorrow. Our Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) core technologies are backed by years of research and development. Our engineering work is rooted in representative test beds used to inform our architectures and validate our modeling and simulations.

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Plasma Injector

Plasma Injector

Our plasma injector designs have a foundation of numerous prototypes and over 200,000 plasma experiments utilizing some of the most powerful operational fusion plasma injectors.

Compression Systems

Compression System

We have significant experience operating representative compression test beds, necessary to achieve a smooth, rapid, and symmetric compression of our liquid metal cavity.

Fusion Process Stability

Fusion Process Stability

We conducted sub-scale experiments to ensure understanding of plasma stability under compression and in liquid metal systems.

Improving Upon Proven Technologies.

We maximize the reapplication of existing industrialized technologies. MTF technology offers a more balanced, practical, and cost-effective approach to commercializing fusion energy.

What is Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF)?
General Fusion chose to pursue MTF because it is practical and cost-effective. This approach uses refinements of existing technology, such as steam-powered drivers, to compress plasma to fusion conditions. Meaning, a shorter timeline from demonstration project to full commercial plants to power homes, businesses, and industry with clean fusion energy.

Demonstrating results.

Our fusion machine – LM26 – is underway and is on the path to achieving breakeven equivalent conditions using MTF technology by 2026.

It will do so using deuterium fuel and electromagnetic compression of a solid lithium liner. This approach means we will achieve more results in the near term while shortening the technical jump between its next near-commercial machine and a commercial pilot plant. The performance of LM26 will support us in confirming our fusion power plant economics.

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