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We expect a transformed global energy system.

We aim to deliver fusion power plants that offer the practical decarbonization of the world’s energy and infrastructure systems.

The time for fusion energy is now.

Climate change advances rapidly, while the long-term tailwinds supporting fusion’s commercialization grow. Moreover, leaders worldwide acknowledge that on-demand, zero-carbon power is needed for a clean energy future. Fast-tracking our technical program to deliver Magnetized Target Fusion to the market makes sense to meet these global needs.

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Leading The Race To Commercialize Fusion Power.

We are leading the commercialization of fusion with the most practical, cost competitive technology. Our innovative and protected technology is the result of 20 years of development and 150 patents, and pending patent applications.

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About General Fusion

Our team is world-class with a diverse mix of corporate leaders with deep energy and technology experience, coupled with scientific and technological experts.

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Discover how fusion power technology is transforming the world today.

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Fusion power is coming back into fashion

The Economist’s science and technology editor, Geoffrey Carr, interviews Founder and Chief Science Officer Dr. Michel Laberge on General Fusion’s unique Magnetized Target Fusion approach. The editor discusses the various approaches to fusion energy and says, “it would take only

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Industry Updates, News
Energy Star

In an interview with Pivot magazine, CEO Greg Twinney shares his career journey, what drives him, and how General Fusion is going to change the world in an in-depth interview with PIVOT magazine. Read the article here  

Industry Updates, Most Recent
Why Segra invests in General Fusion?

One of General Fusion’s major investors, Segra Capital Management, believes we have “the most elegant design” to accomplish what is required for a commercial fusion energy system: capability to create and sustain fusion conditions, deployability in terms of energy conversion

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Insights, Most Recent
General Fusion exceeds core technology performance targets with plasma and compression prototypes

VANCOUVER, Canada (December 12): General Fusion has demonstrated plasma energy confinement times, plasma temperatures, and compression system performance that support meeting its goal of 10 keV (100 million degrees Celsius) in the company’s integrated Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) demonstration, being

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News, Press Releases
Canadian collaboration sets goal of commercial fusion by 2030

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) and private fusion developer General Fusion will pursue a series of joint projects to accelerate the deployment of commercial fusion power in Canada.   Read the article here  

Industry Updates, News
General Fusion closing oversubscribed $130 million transitional financing round

Fueled by a new investor syndicate, Series E is supporting aggressive commercialization VANCOUVER, Canada (30 November 2021): General Fusion announced today it is closing an oversubscribed $130 million (USD) Series E funding round filled by a new syndicate of global

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Not all heroes wear capes, not all rockstars wear tattoos! General Fusion is building the vaccine for climate change.

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Fusion is now. Let’s make clean energy, everywhere and forever, a reality.

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