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Advances in Fusion Science

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Interior view into General Fusion's Fusion Demonstration Pl

Fusion: The True Hydrogen Economy.

Seventy years of fusion development have brought into focus the potential energy of the sun.

The sun, the ultimate hydrogen engine, produces all the light and heat on earth. On earth though, we only use hydrogen as an energy carrier. Fusion researchers have found they can transform more potential energy from the same atoms by combining rather than separating hydrogen atoms. Traditionally, hydrogen’s energy is released when chemical bonds are broken. With reliance on physics, hydrogen can be fused together, resulting in a higher energy yield.


Three factors put fusion at the forefront of conversations about the planet’s clean energy future:

Building value around new and existing technology.

The core technologies required for magnetized target fusion (MTF) make our approach practical.

We invent and maintain intellectual property where we can achieve the greatest gains. We innovate where we can maximize the application of proven industrial technologies. This balance allows us to design a cost-effective fusion energy facility.

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Leading us to a net-zero future.

“Today, fusion energy is considered one of the key technologies capable of leading us to a net-zero future, with the International Atomic Energy Association ranking it “among the most environmentally friendly sources of energy.”


The art of building winning partnerships.

General Fusion will maximize the value of fusion technology by taking it out of the lab to industry leaders.

We are specialists and we know the best work happens with multidisciplinary teams. Establishing successful partnerships worldwide allows us to pay attention to characteristics of what energy consumers need all over the planet. To fulfill our mission, the design of our commercial fusion plant must benefit users anywhere.

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Meet the team: Kathryn Leci

Kathryn is a Plasma Injector Engineer who primarily works on the plasma injector PI3, the world’s largest and most powerful of its kind. “Our focus is to continuously improve plasma performance by controlling key parameters like the magnetic configuration, pulsed

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Fusion power is coming back into fashion

The Economist’s science and technology editor, Geoffrey Carr, interviews Founder and Chief Science Officer Dr. Michel Laberge on General Fusion’s unique Magnetized Target Fusion approach. The editor discusses the various approaches to fusion energy and says, “it would take only

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Industry Updates, News
Why Segra invests in General Fusion?

One of General Fusion’s major investors, Segra Capital Management, believes we have “the most elegant design” to accomplish what is required for a commercial fusion energy system: capability to create and sustain fusion conditions, deployability in terms of energy conversion

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Insights, Most Recent
Meet the team: Myles Hildebrand

Myles Hildebrand is a Program Manager at General Fusion and leads the execution of technology collaborations and partnerships with national laboratories and partners. These include projects with the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, and the funding

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Jetting onset on a liquid surface accelerated past a submerged cylinder

A novel experiment is presented to study the initial disturbances on a free surface due to the constant acceleration of liquid around a submerged obstacle. The surface response to different obstacle sizes, initial surface heights and fluid velocities is measured

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Research Library
Free-surface disturbances due to the submersion of a cylindrical obstacle

Abstract We explore the initial perturbations that form on a liquid free surface as a result of the submersion of a circular cylinder beneath the surface, a scenario that arises in a number of diverse applications. The behaviour of the

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