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Building value around new and existing technology.

The core technologies required for Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) make our approach practical.

We invent and maintain intellectual property where we can achieve the greatest gains. We innovate where we can maximize the application of proven industrial technologies. This balance allows us to design a cost-effective fusion energy facility.

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Leading us to a net-zero future.

“Today, fusion energy is considered one of the key technologies capable of leading us to a net-zero future, with the International Atomic Energy Association ranking it “among the most environmentally friendly sources of energy.”


The art of building winning partnerships.

General Fusion will maximize the value of fusion technology by taking it out of the lab to industry leaders.

We are specialists and we know the best work happens with multidisciplinary teams. Establishing successful partnerships worldwide allows us to pay attention to characteristics of what energy consumers need all over the planet. To fulfill our mission, the design of our commercial fusion plant must benefit users anywhere.

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Former CEO of UKAEA, Norman Harrison, Joins General Fusion’s Board of Directors

RICHMOND, Canada (September 6, 2023): Today, General Fusion announced the appointment of Norman Harrison to its Board of Directors. Norman is a world-class executive in the energy sector, with 40 years of unique experience providing leadership to both the fusion

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Innovation in Action: LM26 On Track After Swift 2023 Launch

At General Fusion, radical innovation and rapid iteration come together to deliver technology that will change our energy landscape. Fusion is the ultimate clean energy solution – it is the energy source that powers the sun and stars. Fusion is

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Insights, Most Recent
General Fusion Confirms Liquid Wall Compression Technology for Commercial Magnetized Target Fusion in New Scientific Publication

RICHMOND, Canada (January 11, 2024): General Fusion has published new, peer-reviewed scientific results that validate the company has achieved the smooth, rapid, and symmetric compression of a liquid cavity that is key to the design of a commercial Magnetized Target Fusion

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General Fusion and University of Lisbon Collaborate on State-of-the-Art Diagnostic for LM26 Plasma Injector

RICHMOND, Canada (December 12, 2023): General Fusion and the University of Lisbon’s Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) have announced a collaboration agreement, through the University’s Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear (IPFN) research unit, to develop a key diagnostic for the

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Canadian Government Awards New Funding to General Fusion

RICHMOND, Canada (December 4, 2023):  Today, General Fusion announced that Canada’s Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) has awarded CA$5 million to support research and development to advance the company’s Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) demonstration at its Richmond headquarters. Called LM26, this

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Canada eyes fusion energy program, laying groundwork as peers surge ahead

Canada has a home-grown fusion ecosystem, with General Fusion leading the private sector. In his latest for The Logic, David Reevely covers an exciting and positive development on the future of fusion in Canada: Read the article here

Industry Updates
Pursuing fusion power

Some may call it “strange,” but we call it the future of energy! Our unique Magnetized Target Fusion technology is featured in Knowable Magazine. Read the article here  

Industry Updates

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