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Advances in Fusion Science

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Fusion: The True Hydrogen Economy.

Seventy years of fusion development have brought into focus the potential energy of the sun.

The sun, the ultimate hydrogen engine, produces all the light and heat on earth. On earth though, we only use hydrogen as an energy carrier. Fusion researchers have found they can transform more potential energy from the same atoms by combining rather than separating hydrogen atoms. Traditionally, hydrogen’s energy is released when chemical bonds are broken. With reliance on physics, hydrogen can be fused together, resulting in a higher energy yield.


Three factors put fusion at the forefront of conversations about the planet’s clean energy future:

Building value around new and existing technology.

The core technologies required for magnetized target fusion (MTF) make our approach practical.

We invent and maintain intellectual property where we can achieve the greatest gains. We innovate where we can maximize the application of proven industrial technologies. This balance allows us to design a cost-effective fusion energy facility.

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On the Path to Success.

“Our broad network of national laboratory and industrial partners, together with our advisory council of energy market end-users, positions General Fusion well to help the world achieve its net-zero carbon goals.”

Christofer Mowry

The art of building winning partnerships.

General Fusion will maximize the value of fusion technology by taking it out of the lab to industry leaders.

We are specialists and we know the best work happens with multidisciplinary teams. Establishing successful partnerships worldwide allows us to pay attention to characteristics of what energy consumers need all over the planet. To fulfill our mission, the design of our commercial fusion plant must benefit users anywhere.

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General Fusion building a global market for fusion energy with industry leaders

World’s leading energy and industrial companies advising General Fusion on the development of practical commercial fusion power VANCOUVER, Canada (4 April 2022): General Fusion announced today the formation of a unique Market Development Advisory Committee (MDAC) to guide the development

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Partners, Press Releases
Bruce Power, General Fusion, and Nuclear Innovation Institute sign agreement to advance a net-zero future

Partnership will progress fusion energy in Clean Energy Frontier region of Bruce, Grey and Huron ONTARIO, Canada (February 2, 2022): Bruce Power, General Fusion, and the Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on

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General Fusion achieves critical technology milestone for practical fusion power

Successful performance of plasma compression prototype confirms path to commercialization VANCOUVER, Canada (10 January 2022): General Fusion announced today it has successfully achieved several aggressive performance goals of a prototype system for its Fusion Demonstration Plant (FDP). The company’s plasma

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Fusion energy is the vaccine of climate change: General Fusion CEO on path towards commercializing clean energy

Watch CEO Chris Mowry on BNN Bloomberg discussing our practical and economical approach to commercializing clean fusion energy.

Industry Updates
Deep Dive: Fusion Energy to Decarbonize the Maritime Industry

The International Shipping Industry carries about 90% of the global trade in goods, with more than 53,000 merchant ships currently operating in the oceans. The industry is a significant contributor to the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Ships emit 3%

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Sustainability: Viewing fusion through a wider lens

By Christofer Mowry, Chief Executive Officer at General Fusion. Two weeks of concentrated attention on climate change, which COP26 brought the world in November, has reinforced the conviction that strong public-private partnerships are essential to achieving a sustainable low carbon

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