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Advances in Fusion Science

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Fusion: The True Hydrogen Economy.

Seventy years of fusion development have brought into focus the potential energy of the sun.

The sun, the ultimate hydrogen engine, produces all the light and heat on earth. On earth though, we only use hydrogen as an energy carrier. Fusion researchers have found they can transform more potential energy from the same atoms by combining rather than separating hydrogen atoms. Traditionally, hydrogen’s energy is released when chemical bonds are broken. With reliance on physics, hydrogen can be fused together, resulting in a higher energy yield.


Three factors put fusion at the forefront of conversations about the planet’s clean energy future:

Building value around new and existing technology.

The core technologies required for magnetized target fusion (MTF) make our approach practical.

We invent and maintain intellectual property where we can achieve the greatest gains. We innovate where we can maximize the application of proven industrial technologies. This balance allows us to design a cost-effective fusion energy facility.

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On the Path to Success.

“Our broad network of national laboratory and industrial partners, together with our advisory council of energy market end-users, positions General Fusion well to help the world achieve its net-zero carbon goals.”

Christofer Mowry

The art of building winning partnerships.

General Fusion will maximize the value of fusion technology by taking it out of the lab to industry leaders.

We are specialists and we know the best work happens with multidisciplinary teams. Establishing successful partnerships worldwide allows us to pay attention to characteristics of what energy consumers need all over the planet. To fulfill our mission, the design of our commercial fusion plant must benefit users anywhere.

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General Fusion’s new CEO plots path to commercialization as sector heats up

-Murad Hemmadi, The Logic: CEO Greg Twinney and Board member Zoltan Tompa speak to technology reporter Murad Hemmadi about progress at General Fusion and in the fusion sector.  (more…)

Industry Updates
Previewing the Next Leg in the Race to Net-Zero

People and organizations change in order to grow. Since I joined General Fusion over two years ago, the team has ushered in many exciting advances. We have seen our staff triple in number, established partnerships worldwide, and recruited a world-class

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Insights, Newsletter
General Fusion Picked For Fusion Power Plant Projects With US Department of Energy

-Charlize Alcaraz, BetaKit: BetaKit covers General Fusion’s two new funding awards through the US Department of Energy’s Office of Fusion Energy Science’s Innovation Network for Fusion Energy (INFUSE) program. (more…)

Industry Updates
General Fusion receives two funding awards from the U.S. Department of Energy to advance its Magnetized Target Fusion technology

21 July 2022: The U.S. Department of Energy has selected General Fusion for two new funding awards through the Office of Fusion Energy Science’s Innovation Network for Fusion Energy (INFUSE) program. The awards will advance Magnetized Target Fusion technology for

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Press Releases
Private Billions Pour Into Fusion as Climate Clock Ticks Down

-Alan Jeffries, Bloomberg News: General Fusion is prominently featured in a recent Bloomberg documentary film looking at the potential of fusion energy and how private industry is driving progress towards commercial fusion power. (more…)

Industry Updates
General Fusion Names Greg Twinney as Chief Executive Officer

7 July 2022: General Fusion announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Greg Twinney to the role of Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Greg succeeds Christofer Mowry, who has resigned after serving as General Fusion’s Chief Executive Officer

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Press Releases

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