-Katie Brigham, CNBC: Nuclear power has a controversial history, but many energy experts say it has a major role to play in our energy future. Some in the industry are working to make standard fission power safer and cheaper. Others are pursuing the holy grail of energy - nuclear fusion, the process that powers the sun and the stars. If we figure out how to harness that power here on earth, it would be a huge game-changer.

Always unorthodox and at times irreverent, DECODED takes viewers around the globe and shares modern developer best practices. In Season 2 Episode 4, the show dives into the world of Kubernetes, Containers and Cloud computing, sitting down with the minds behind a data science initiative that is using software to transform the world's energy supply.

General Fusion is partnering with Microsoft's Developer Experience Team to build a new, cutting-edge computational platform that will enable General Fusion to mine over 100 terabytes of data from 150,000 experiments for new knowledge about how fusion energy is created and controlled. The collaboration was announced at the Microsoft Build 2017 conference in Seattle on May 12, and featured a keynote presentation video with Microsoft Chief Geek John Shewchuck exploring General Fusion to learn more about fusion energy and the role of new computing techniques in unlocking its potential.

2-time Emmy winner Mila Aung-Thwin (EyeSteelFilm) explores the pursuit of fusion energy, and follows the efforts of scientists building an artificial star on Earth that will provide perpetual, cheap, clean energy for all mankind. General Fusion founder Dr. Michel Laberge features prominently, in a fast-paced documentary illustrated with vivid animations.

Open Innovation Manager Brendan Cassidy speaks to Innocentive's Siobhan Gibney Gomis about General Fusion's crowdsourcing challenges, and discusses the motivations behind the challenges, how we measured ROI and success, and the outcomes of those challenges.

Stu McNish speaks to General Fusion CEO Nathan Gilliland about the promise of fusion energy to provide an unlimited source of clean energy. Conversations That Matter is supported by the Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue.

Vice France's Motherboard channel features General Fusion in their examination of fusion energy: La course à la fusion. Depuis des années, les scientifiques cherchent à atteindre le graal d'une source d'énergie inépuisable, propre et sans danger. Pour ça, ils essayent de reproduire sur Terre l'énergie des étoiles, la fusion nucléaire.