Company Profile

General Fusion is a World Leader in Commercial Fusion

General Fusion was founded in 2002 with a goal to transform the world’s energy supply by developing the fastest, most practical, and cost-competitive path to commercial fusion power.

In 2006, Dr. Michel Laberge completed proof-of-principle experiments, and with the support of leading venture capital firms, General Fusion began building a team that today is recognized as a global leader in commercial fusion energy.

The company has now grown to a team of more than 70 at its world class laboratories in Burnaby, just outside Vancouver, where it is developing the key components of the world’s first fusion power plant.

General Fusion has been recognized globally for its work in clean energy technology, and is a member of the Cleantech Global 100 (2014, 2015, 2016/17) as well as the recipient of numerous Canadian and international cleantech awards. In the media, Dr. Laberge’s 2014 TED Talk about fusion energy has attracted over one million viewers, and the company has been featured in publications such as TIME Magazine, Scientific American and BBC Horizons.

Fusion energy has the potential to create a cleaner, safer world, and General Fusion is developing the technology to make it available as soon as possible.

Our Team

Chris Mowry Headshot (Low Res)
Christofer M. Mowry
Chief Executive Officer
Global executive leadership in energy and infrastructure.
Dr. Michel Laberge, Founder and Chief Scientist
Dr. Michel Laberge
Founder and Chief Scientist
Plasma physics expert with widespread practical experience.
Michael Delage, CTO
Michael Delage
Chief Technology Officer
Successful energy technology entrepreneur and strategic partnering professional.
  • Klaas de Boer (Chairman)
  • Dr. Fred Buckman
  • Wal van Lierop
  • Chip Hambro
  • Luke Han
  • Zoltan Tompa
  • Christofer M. Mowry


Open Innovation

General Fusion collaborates with leading universities and national laboratories to advance its research and leverage expertise in plasma physics. In recent years the company has also pursued crowdsourcing as a method of attracting innovative ideas for specific problems.